Tisková zpráva ACE, 12. prosince 2014


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Evropská rada architektů vítá investiční plán presidenta EK, Jeana-Claude Junckera, který zní na 315 miliard Euro. Současně souhlasí s doporučením pracovní skupiny EU z 9. 12. 2014 a seznamem 2000 projektů, které by mohly být během následujících tří let realizovány.
Tento investiční plán odráží většinu z priorit ACE a je nepochybně pozitivním signálem pro investory ve stavebnictví.


As recommended by the EU Task Force (Member States - Commission - EIB), ACE believes that priority should be given to improving the business environment and removing unnecessary regulatory and non-regulatory barriers within the Single Market to facilitate the cross border provision of services and the establishment of professionals across Europe.

ACE welcomes the willingness of the Commission to facilitate access to investment finance for SMEs, as this can give a boost to the construction sector, which is responsible for 10% of EU GDP and consists mainly of SMEs.

Moreover, the EU Commission is right to target long-term investments in energy and resource efficiency – ACE recalls that energy efficiency improvements in buildings are one of the most cost-effective way of creating jobs and growth.

In order to ensure the success of this ambitious Plan, ACE calls on the EU Commission, the EU Investment Bank and the Member States to quickly assess and select concrete and credible projects to be implemented on the ground. It is also urgent and to tackle the non-financial barriers that have so far prevented investments.


The Architects’ Council of Europe (ACE) is the representative organisation for the architectural profession at European level: it aspires to speak with a single voice on its behalf in order to achieve its aims. Its membership currently consists of 43 Member Organisations, which are the regulatory and professional representative bodies in all European Union (EU) Member States, Accession Countries, Switzerland and Norway. Through them, the ACE represents the interests of over 545.000 architects from 31 countries in Europe.