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Wettbewerbsaufgabe Façades are arguably one of the most important elements in today’s commercial buildings. Not only do they
often cost more than the structural frame, they define modern buildings in terms of architecture and
environmental performance and are at the forefront of advances in technology. It is one of the few major building
components that have yet to fully evolve. Where façades can sometimes make the most impact is in retro fitting
to tired old structures, where they can actually tip the scales between demolition and refurbishment.   Wettbewerbsart Award / Auszeichnung   Zulassungsbereich international   Termine Ende der Bewerbungsfrist    31. 10. 2014   Sprache Englisch   Gebühren GBP 375,–   Informationen http://backstage.worldarchitecturenews.com/wanawards/award/sector/fa-ade-14   An early registration price of £320 GBP is available for entries made before 31 May 2014.