International Design Competiton for New Museum Buildings in Budapest

The Government of Hungary has committed itself to erecting new buildings for six important cultural institutions in Budapest as part of the Liget Budapest project. Fine art, architecture, ethnography, music and photography: these are the five areas the leading institutions of which will be accorded a place in the City Park, one of the oldest parks of Budapest, together with a number of other museums and public institutions that have been working here for more than a hundred years. The project will be implemented in parallel with the complete rehabilitation of the park. The deadlines for the two-stage international design competition are the following.

Stage I.

Start of registration: 27. 02. 2014

Deadline for submitting questions: 13. 03. 2014

Deadline for posting the answers: 26. 03. 2014

Submission deadline (Stage I): 27. 05. 2014 14:00

Invitation for Stage II: 08. 07. 2014

Proposed launch of Stage II: August 2014

Date of the announcement of the results: 19. 12. 2014


More information:

Datum vyhlášení soutěže

20. 03. 2014