International public contest - urban design and landscape architecture for Medellin's civic center.

Original text

Wettbewerbsaufgabe The main objective of the project is to convert the Medellín / Aburrá River and the city, in the environmental and
public space of the region and the city, so that by optimizing its current role as the core of mobility, it can become
the structuring and integrating element of different systems of land, thus creating the central scenario of for
citizen encounter. If mobility is an attribute of public space and not the other way around, the MEDRío AIE
(STRATEGIC INTERVENTION AREA) defines the fabric of the ecological structure and public space at its
intersection with the river, no longer seen as corridor traffic flow, but as an ecological connector of public space
that strengthens and reactivates the urban structure in their meanings and functions.   Wettbewerbsart Offener Wettbewerb   Zulassungsbereich international   Teilnehmer Stadtplaner, Landschaftsarchitekten   Termine Abgabe Pläne 29. 09. 2014   Sprache Englisch   Unterlagen