Office of CCA in Prague

Josefská 34/6, 118 00 Praha 1 - Malá Strana,
Tel.: +420 257 167 480, 

President of the Chamber:  Ing. arch. Jan Kasl
1. Vice - President: Ing. Petr Velička
2. Vice - President:
RNDr. Milan Svoboda

Director of the Office: Mgr. Eva Faltusová


Tereza Zemanová, Monika Pohanková, Dagmar Petrová, Tereza Konvičková, Milena Ondráková, Radka Šťastná, Radka Kasalová, Eva Faltusová, Daniela Rybková, Jiří Plos

e-mail: [email protected]

Office of CCA in Brno

Starobrněnská 16/18, 602 00 Brno
Tel.: +420 513 039 101, tel.: +420 542 211 809


Tereza Zemanová
Kateřina Slaná


The Office of the Chamber is a supplementary executive body of the Chamber and provide administrative and professional activities of the Chamber.
The Director is appointed by the Board of Directors, usually on the basis of the results of a competition.
The Director manages the Office in compliance with the instructions of the Board of Directors, communicated to him at the Board meeting or by the Chamber's Chairman or an appointed member of the Board.
The Director may transfer some of his authorities connected with the management of the Office to his/her deputy.
The Secretary of the Chamber participates in the meetings of the Board of Directors and, if need be, of other Chamber's bodies.
The following tasks are among the Director's responsibilities:
a) to ensure the conditions for the meetings of the basic or supplementary Chamber's bodies (particularly the Examination Committees and the Advisory Board) and to ensure the general agenda of these meetings and the minutes,
b) to ensure the conditions for regular registration proceedings, including the conditions for organizing the examinations of professional competence,
c) to ensure the filing and recording of documents connected with the registration proceedings,
d) to ensure the maintaining of a list of registered persons,
e) to negotiate according to the instructions of the Board of Directors on behalf of the Chamber with other persons and institutions or to ensure the conditions for such negotiations,
f) to ensure the conditions for distributing the relevant information to the Chamber's members or to professional or unprofessional public.
The Director reports to the Board of Directors.
The Director is entitled to represent the Chamber and its Office in the scope stipulated by a written authorization issued by the Chairman and signed by the Board of Directors.
The legal status of the Director and of other employees of the Chamber's Office is governed by generally binding employment regulations.