Designing the Future | Prefabricated wooden Homes

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Wettbewerbsaufgabe Marlegno Prefabricated Wooden Buildings, in collaboration with the Association of Architects of Bergamo, would
like to announce the sponsorship of an international contest to design prefabricated wooden single family
homes. The design must optimize the prefabrication and standardization in order to obtain different architectural
solutions, starting from a few basic elements/modules. The units shall have a total area of approximately 100
square meters, which can be also developed on one or more levels. Partecipants must design the house
considering the landscape, climate and culture to the country they represent.   Wettbewerbsart Offener Wettbewerb   Zulassungsbereich weltweit   Termine Ende der Bewerbungsfrist 31. 08. 2014 Preisgerichtssitzung (vorauss.) 30. 09. 2014   Preise Gesamtpreissumme netto € 9.800,–   Informationen Questions can be referred by email to [email protected] no later than July 22, 2014.    The prize ceremony will be celebrated at the conference hall of Marlegno on October 11, 2014 at 10.00 a.m.   http://www.marlegno.it/en/designing-the-future/