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Conceptual Design of the Anna-rét Mass Location and Memorial Place in Budapest


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In 2020, the 52nd edition of the International Eucharistic Congress will be held in Budapest. It is an event that has grand international recognition. Budapest Capital Hegyvidék 12th District can connect to the event series with the venue at Normafa, the memorial for the Queen of the World Amendment Chapel.
The aim is to create a small outdoor mass location, altar as an architectural, landscape architec-tural and artistic (statue) feature, that will not only serve as a venue for the congress event but would also be suitable as a start / end rest area where the West-East (Máriacell-Csíksomlyó) and the North-South (Csesztohova-Mejdugorje) pligrims’ ways meet at Anna-rét.
The aim of the tendering is to gather ideas and proposals that can be the basis for the future specific conceptual design program of the periodically used outdoor mass location and memo-rial place to be constructed in memory of the vision.