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Florence is the capital of the Renaissance, there is no corner of the city where you do not breathe classicism. Brunelleschi's dome is the recognized symbol of the Tuscan capital, but there are countless of great architectural value which characterizes the historical center. The urban plan, strongly linked to its historical roots, recorded a few episodes in favor of contemporaneity, a need which current Florence, cannot avoid making spaces unresolved an interesting development opportunities. Largo Pietro Annigoni, the edge of the old town within the walls, is a joint urban environment a few years ago 'to the current configuration that offers interesting insights. The nineteenth-century market of Sant'Ambrogio, the teaching sites of the Department (ex-Faculty) of Architecture, the State Archives and the recent intervention of the Murate, are some of the places of interest surrounding the site. You need to consider whether to create a new center for the community, a framework that encourages interaction between residents, tourists and students. A Florence Cultural Centre, space for exhibitions and events, will embody this aspiration becoming one of the main places of the city.