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Helsinki: Guggenheim Helsinki


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The idea of an architectural competition is integral to the museum project concept. Finland has a proud tradition
of these, and the foundation recognized that a competition would offer a creative and effective route to securing
a fresh and unique design for the proposed museum. 
The competition, which will be conducted over the course of a year, is managed by Malcolm Reading
Consultants (MRC), a London-based specialist in architectural competitions for museums and arts, heritage, and
nonprofit organizations. MRC has run architectural competitions for the Victoria and Albert Museum, the
Glasgow School of Art, the UK Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo, and the Library for Foreign Literature in Moscow,
among others.
MRC’s role in the Guggenheim Helsinki competition includes liaising with stakeholders at the Guggenheim
Foundation, the City of Helsinki, the State of Finland, and the Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA) on
competition-related issues, and ensuring absolute independence in the competition process. 
The search for an individual designer or team is being undertaken as a two-stage, anonymous competition in
order to engage as widely as possible with architects from different backgrounds and to encourage individual
architects or established or emerging practices from anywhere around the world.
Offener Wettbewerb, Zweistufig
Launch: June 4, 2014
Deadline for Q&As: August 15, 2014
Stage One Submission Deadline: September 10, 2014
Shortlist Announced: Fall 2014
Stage Two Launch: November 2014
Stage Two Submission Deadline: March 2015
Public Exhibition of Finalists’ Designs: Spring 2015
Winner Announced: June 2015
Gesamtpreissumme netto € 375.000,–
Download der Unterlagen und Anmeldung: http://designguggenheimhelsinki.org/