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Marfa: DESIGN MARFA Multi-Family Housing in Marfa, Texas


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DESIGN MARFA Multi-Family Housing in Marfa, Texas

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Design Marfa is conducting an international ideas Competition to propose designs for multi family housing in Marfa, Texas.
Currently, Marfa has limited property zoned for multi-family housing. Please see Marfa's zoning requirements on our Downloads page:
As tourism increases in Marfa, the availability of housing for full-time residents has the potential to become even more limited as the attractiveness of vacation rentals and part-time residences remove inventory from the market.
The objectives of the Competition are to:
- Encourage multi-family housing projects
- Consider housing as an urgent and basic component of improving the urban environment in Marfa
- Promote dialogue on how to improve the housing shortage
- Encourage city planners and property owners to rethink existing code limitations and potentially rezone appropriate properties for multi-family housing
Marfa, Texas is a town of approximately 2000 residents and is located in the Chihuahuan Desert.
The site to be used for this Competition is located at
701-721 N Kelly Street in Marfa, Texas. Google Map coordinates: 30.316001, -104.026360 and is 71,550 square feet.
The site is located in a community of single-family residences and in close proximity to the public schools. 
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