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Modernization of the Year


Nevyžadující regulérnost


The Contest „Modernization of the Year” is the largest undertaking of this kind in Poland and the only one in Europe. 21 years of rewarding the best buildings has resulted in a multitude of people and companies motivated to perfect construction, well-thought out project and conscious investment with an idea and respect for the achievements of past generations. The Laureates of the Competition, associated in the Council of the Contest, had the idea of opening up to other countries. Many Polish companies, members of the Council, build and design throughout the European Union as well as outside.

The main idea of the Association for the Protection of National Material Heritage, the organizer of the Contest represented by Targi Pomorskie Sp. z o.o., is to promote and support actions to save the buildings and structures of the national heritage and promote the modernization and construction. Thanks to this initiative, activities that contribute to preserving the cultural value of the constructions, not only in Poland but also abroad, are appreciated. It is worth boasting successes and not only those large ones, but also smaller ones, which are also very valuable and important for local communities.

Polish website of the Contest: www.modernizacjaroku.org.pl