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Moscow: Red Square Tolerance Pavilion


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HMMD's newest architecture vision competition is dedicated to ‘designing for tolerance’. It challenges designers
from around the globe to propose a temporary pavilion for the education of social, political and religious
tolerance, to be erected in Russia’s Red Square, Moscow.
The historic Red Square, which fronts the Kremlin and other major Russian landmarks, originally served as a
marketplace and centre of trade, and in the 20th century became the seat of the Soviet government. The square
has been the site of numerous military parades and other demonstrations that have transformed it into a symbol
of Russian political power. Today, amidst new political campaigns and in the wake of the 2014 Winter Olympics,
Moscow’s Red Square is to many a symbol for Russian State repression. 
This new pavilion is to be conceived as a structure incorporating educational spaces, with lecture and workshop
rooms as well as exhibition spaces. Participants are also urged to consider other recreational and public spaces
to support these educational programs.
All scales and materials are admitted but the structure must be de-mountable. Most importantly, the pavilion
should conceptually deconstruct ideas for tolerance, remembering those who were victims of fanaticism and
representing those who firmly defend and believe in a future without violence against any minority. 
While the pavilion is meant to be temporary, entries will be judged on their ability to leave enduring social and
political footprints.
‘I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right,
temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant.’ Martin Luther King 
More information on competition and submission requirements as well as Red Square 3D Sketchup model,
plans and sections available for download 
Offener Ideenwettbewerb
open for all
Ende der Bewerbungsfrist 19. 09. 2014
Abgabe Pläne 30. 11. 2014
Preisgerichtssitzung (vorauss.) 23. 12. 2014
Gesamtpreissumme netto USD 5.000,–
Early Registration: US$ 70
Regular Registration: US$ 90
Late Registration: US$ 120