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New York: 2015 City of Dreams Pavilion Design Competition


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The City of Dreams Pavilion will be a gathering place for people to meet, learn about the arts programs on the
island, enjoy a performance or lecture, and experience the interaction of art and the historic context of Governors
Island. Our theme for the pavilion, the City of Dreams, points toward the future. If we imagine a future New York
City where anything is possible, what would it look like? In our wildest and most optimistic dreams, what is the
future of the city?
The current state of the world is such that both economic and natural resources are extremely limited. A new way
of thinking is necessary to solve the problems that the world faces. Inevitably, the result will be a change in the
basic practices that have driven the world to its current state. One place to start to activate and energize these
changes is within the architecture and design community, where the movement toward sustainable design has
only scratched the surface of what is possible and necessary.
The City of Dreams 2015 Pavilion Design Competition will be a two-stage process, in which a jury of leading
architects and other industry professionals will review initial submissions and select a number of finalists. These
finalists will receive comments and will have the opportunity to revise their proposals. The jury will meet again
and select the competition winner in November 2014. 
Offener Wettbewerb
Ende der Bewerbungsfrist 15. 08. 2014
Abgabe (23:59 Uhr) 02. 09. 2014
Preisgerichtssitzung (vorauss.) 30. 09. 2014
First, register by August 15, 2014, at http://newyork.figmentproject.org/2015pavilion. The competition entry fees
(which will be applied to the costs of building and maintaining the winning entry) are as follows:
Student entries - $20
Individual entries - $50
Group entries (including groups of students) - $80