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Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre and Architects Association of Lithuania announce an open one stage architectural competition to design a new study campus of the Academy in Vilnius (Lithuania).

The winning entry will be taken as project proposal and be a background for the further technical project. The Promoter shall enter into negotiations with the authors of the winner(s) of the Ist prize with a view to further proceed with the Architectural part of the Technical project.


About the new LMTA study campus

The new study campus of Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre would be a unique complex of premises for studying, creating and representing music, theatre, dance and cinema arts in Lithuania. The complex will fulfill the needs of Academy (high-level premises for studies, research and services will be built) and will become a cultural hub in Vilnius city: public spaces and premises, such as concert, theatre, cinema, and dance halls would attract citizens and tourists.

The campus will be built in the derelict area (4,75 ha) of the War museum therefore it will give totally new quality, content and image of this part of the Old Town. Also it will contribute to the attractiveness and public accessibility of the adjacent historic site – a complex of Vilnius castles.

The participants of the competition are expected to suggest urban, functional solutions, and a representative, but respectful to the historical and natural context, architectural image of the new campus.