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Venice - The artisan school in historical district


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Venezia is the city of the Doges and canals, for centuries has been one of the leading maritime hubs in the
Mediterranean. The small islands of the Venice are divided by 150 rivers and connected by about 150
bridges. The Rialto Bridge connect the two side of Great Canal and it is one of the most recognized icons
along with the San Marco bell tower. The symbol architectures represent Venice as the ancient crafts still
practiced today: glass processing, the art of paper mache and implementation fine fabrics are a thriving
tradition that the artisans operating in the three sectors have never abandoned. We want to imagine
in Cannaregio district - a place middle between the train station, the Grand Canal and the island of Murano
- the Artisan School, a laboratory where train the teachers of tomorrow. Contemporary architecture
located in the heart of the historical center to form an ideal bridge between the past and present.