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Visual Identity Awards


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Visual Identity Awards
50,00 GBP
Is yours the Visual Identity of the Year?
Ever wish you could get your work a little more noticed? Be rewarded for your efforts a little more? The International Visual Identity Awards have been created to offer you precisely that.
For too long, visual and brand identity awards have been handed out as part of larger creative competitions and we felt that it was time for a change.
We are the first independent international design competition dedicated to visual identity. Our mission is to give good visual identity design the exposure it deserves and formally recognise and celebrate the world’s most outstanding brand work.
Whether you are a large multinational corporation, a small creative shop or a student still at design school, the IVIAs provide a global forum for you to present your visual identity work.
We award a winner and two runners-up in 20 diverse categories, ranging from healthcare to fashion. In addition to category winners, one entry is chosen for its exceptional quality and garners the prestigious title of ‘International Visual Identity of the Year’.
Now that should open a few doors. 
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